Biblical Counseling Requests

Time permitting, our pastoral staff would love to meet with you with any requests you may have relating to Biblical topics, life questions, or sinful struggles. Our pastors reserve the right to accept or deny requests and set the date and times for meetings.

The Lord through His work and His Word has the transformative power and intent to radically change lives for good. This process of transformation should be evident in every believer’s life as The Holy Spirit works in the process of sanctification. Biblical counseling focuses purely on The Bible and it must be understood that Biblical transformation cannot take place without faith, without salvation, and without the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Note that our pastoral staff have shared education, training, and experiences in Biblical counseling, but neither are licensed counselors nor psychologists. Any advice given during sessions will be rooted entirely in God’s Word and from Biblical understandings. Our pastors and staff are accountable to The Lord in the ministry work that they do, including how they teach and guide others and handle God’s Word. Our pastors are unapologetic about the teachings of God’s word and will not “water down”, lie, or hide the truths of Scripture, especially pertaining to modern political issues.

Finally, due to the sensitive nature of topics that may be discussed and the day and age we live in, one-on-one female-to-male counseling is not permitted, and in such cases, a third party must either be provided by the individual pursuing counseling or the pastor involved. Additionally, the pastor reserves the right to record all meetings in their entirety only to be reviewed should any concerns by either party arise.

We apologize that due to the day and age we must present these statements so bluntly and up front but should anyone, church member or not, wish to pursue Biblical counseling please submit the the form below.

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